for you…William Shakespear

for you...William Shakespear

Happy Bday Queen Mutha!

Happy Bday Queen Mutha!

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

Lipsy flat shoes
$58 -

White House Black Market gold jewelry

Lipsy enamel bracelet
$20 -

Flower headband
$63 -

Cara headband

Aye…the Irish are here.

Aye...the Irish are here.

Graphic t shirt
$25 -

Menu vase

Butter Lips

Butter Lips

Christmas JOY

Christmas JOY

DOVE REAL BEAUTY SKETCHES , the Ad Campaign of the Year


YOU are MORE beautiful than you THINK.

Originally posted on the CITIZENS of FASHION:

At the Beauty Inc 2013 Awards Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches won the title of the Ad Campaign of the Year.



Dove’s campaign revealed that many women are actually their worst critic. Gil Zamora, a trained FBI forensic artist drew sketches of seven women based on their descriptions and other based on strangers descriptions who spent just a short period of time with them.The video it’s very moving seeing the reactions of the seven women when they see their sketches through the eyes of their mind and the sketches made after the descriptions of strangers which are far more  flattering.

A month after its launch in April 2013 the video was a total success with more than 170 million views in 110 different countries and more than four million shares.

“Some people say, ‘What does this have to do with selling soap?’” Gina Boswell, executive vice president…

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NY Fashion Week Moves to Hudson Yards!


NYFW is moving!

Originally posted on Cameo Blog:


It’s only been about 3 years since Fashion Week moved to its home in Lincoln Center and it looks like they will be moving again! The Hudson Yards are located in the garment district – close to many designer’s studios and are set to be the next home of NYFW. They’re large, spacious, have a sick view and promise to show Fashion Week-goers an even more amazing time than Lincoln Center has! We still don’t know when the first fashion week at the  Hudson Yards  will be since they are still to-be-built; but I think that it could be the perfect location for an event like fashion week!

What do you think about the change??

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Fashion Photography -1980′s Style

Flashback Friday again…and I’m giving you a smile with this one. This was an ad for the long gone fashion retailer RICH’S.You have to admit, the stylist for this shoot was pretty daring with the print clash. My hair stylist, well, not much help for the hair…and the earrings…I still have in my jewelry box!!!

1980s Fashion Photography

1980s Fashion Photography

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Braids are the Bomb

Braids have been around awhile but the trendy Boho chic simply beckons for the hair braids as a finishing signature. TRESemme‘ has published a few videos that show the street style savvy of braid-lovers in New York as well as a short “how-to” of how to make your braids have that thick bohemian flair.

Braids away lovelies!


Flashback Friday

This is me back in the modeling days. 1987…sometimes I wish I could turn the time backwards just for a little while. I took so many things for my youth. But I must say, the 80′s were THE BEST DECADE to be young and foolish.


photo credit: Phillip Gammand for Jay Reynolds Inc./Atlanta

Bad Ass Fashion

Bad Ass Fashion

Ashish white silk top

Black Secret mini skirt
$120 -

Charlotte Russe black boots

Tom ford glasses

Military hat
$640 -

The Bride of Frankenstein

As the legend goes – a bride was created for the worlds first man-made monster. Fiction as it may be…She’s alive! So this is me…and my HALLOWEEN 2013 costume. THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. That poor monster man.


The scream dream began early on. One of Hollywood‘s (Universal Studios) earliest successes with horror films was Frankenstein (1931). They immediately began working on the romantic continuation of this ‘gods and monsters’ phenomenon with the 1935 release of The Bride of Frankenstein which was directed by James Whale. Boris Karloff is Frankie and Elsa Lanchester is Bride. Frankie was lonely.. so Doc Pretorius asks, ‘why don’t we make him a chick’?

universal studios 1935

“She’s alive! Alive!” Henry cries. They remove her bandages and help her to stand. “The bride of Frankenstein!” Doctor Pretorius declares. The excited Monster sees his mate and reaches out to her, asking, “Friend?” The Bride, screaming rejects him. ‘She hate me! Like others’ the Monster dejectedly says. As Elizabeth races to Henry’s side, the Monster rampages through the laboratory. The Monster tells Henry and Elizabeth ‘Yes! Go! You live!’ To Pretorius and the Bride, he says ‘You stay. We belong dead.’ While Henry and Elizabeth flee, the Monster sheds a tear and pulls a lever to trigger the destruction of the laboratory and tower.

Women. They will drive you crazy.


How I did it?

So, for the hair, I washed it. I let it air dry…crazy dreads resulted and I then braided little braids and slept in them. When I woke up, I already looked like the crazy bitch but decided to take it further and teased it up tall and sprayed the front with white glitter spray. Then I put on some pale make up and hollowed my cheeks with brown eyeshadow. I lined my upper eyes with black and put on black mascara..under eyes I put white liner which highlights my pissed off look, (the crackly skin is after-effects).

Even though my ex husband would get a good joke out of this…I loved this ‘dress up game’ as it was the closest I’ll ever come to acting. I must say; I make a good mad as hell bride – even without the lightning bolt….or my ex.